In its early inception, MSU took a piecemeal view towards Information and Communication Technology. It started with the offering of a degree program in Computer Science under the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Aside from being a degree granting department, the Computer Science Department was also mandated to develop and process electronic data for the University as among its major function. An Internet Center was later established to provide Internet access to MSU’s constituents and whose operation was directly under the Office of the President. Dr. Perlen K. Ababa was its first designated head. These developments took place during the administration of President Emily Marohombsar.

Because of the E-Commerce Law passed by Senator Ramon Magsaysay, Jr, authorizing every agency of the government to use 10% of its MOOE for the development of its own Information and Communication Technology Unit, there was a great and imperative felt-need of MSU to expand and upgrade its IT facilities.

Few years after President Umpa took over the helm of managing the university, he designated EVP Dr. Datumanong A. Sarangani to chair MSU’s Information and Communication Technology Committee (ICT) to oversee and give more focus and attention to IT growth and expansion in MSU Main Campus. Dr. Sarangani immediately responded by organizing and integrating an electronic data processing group into the existing Internet Center with added function to develop programs for data banking all important records, files, and documents of the University including those of the Registrar, University Library, Office of Admissions and other administrative offices.

Because of the new responsibilities and higher concerns given to EVP Sarangani, the task to supervise the IT Committee was handed over to VP Yusoph Latiph. It is under their serious, concerted and like-minded leadership that the MSU INFOTECH Center was formally established. It is under the present administration that the MSU INFOTECH Center launches in full gear, acquires high-Tech facilities, and experiences rapid growth.

The INFOTECH Center was mandated to: a) process electronic data banking, b) provide Internet services in campus for the MSU constituents to be well informed, and c) provide maintenance support and training. Dr. Romeo Asibal was then designated as director. Under his able leadership, he organized the Infotech center and created three departments to accomplish its mandated tasks. These are: the Electronic Data Processing department with Mr. Bryan Paradero as the department Chief; the Internet Service department of which he himself became the concurrent supervising head; and, the Maintenance and Support Services department led by Mr. Peter Miranda.

Dr. Asibal toiled hard to upgrade the IT facilities and bought state-of-the-art equipment in IT under the full support and backing of the present administration. He also looked for a reliable Internet service provider that could hopefully cater the Internet service need of the university. However, Dr. Asibal, having been so busy with his research project and other activities did not stay long and was replaced by Dr. Pepe L. Madrid as director starting May 15, 2003.

Under the present leadership the MSU IT Center endeavored to work doubly hard to generate more income. TheInformation System Department tried to find ways and means for funds to come in. The Internet Services Department expanded its operation and scheduled extended Internet services during week-ends and plans to expand and to establish more work stations in campus. The Support Services and Training Department conducted computer literacy training and maintenance repair workshops. It is with great pride that the Infotech Center work force is beefed up with highly trained, highly qualified programmers and technicians who can deliver services of the highest quality and professionalism.

In August 2003 the Board of Regents approved the merger of the INFOTECH Center and the Computer Science Department to become the School of Information Technology (MSU SIT); April 21, 2004 - The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs granted the School a temporary authority to offer the degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT). BSIT has two majors: Business Software Development and Management Information Systems. In February 18, 2005 – The BOR, through its BOR Resolution No. 19, Series of 2005, approved the conversion of the School of Information Technology into a collegiate unit to become the College of Information Technology.

IT Week

The College of Information Technology does not celebrate its foundation day; instead, the College celebrates IT week every third week of July in observation of the National IT Month which falls on the month of July.


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