College of Social Sciences and Humanities



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   Pursuant to CMO No. 16, S. 2009 and BOR Resolution No. 92, S. 2016, the Board of Regents of the Mindanao State University System formally and publicly announces that the Search for the MSU – Buug Campus Chancellor is NOW OPEN.


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 The Mindanao State University, Marawi City (MSU-Marawi), through the Commission on Higher Education Disbursement Acceleration Program Fund (CHED-DAPF) 2012, intends to apply the sum of thirty five million 00/100 Pesos (Php. 35,000,000.00) as the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) for payment for the Proposed Construction of Two (2) Storey CSSH building, with contract no. CSSH-005-12. Bid received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at bid opening.



  1. To ensure the path of sustainable development by contributing to the human core of its foundation – strengthening the human spirit to believe in progress, as well as the possibilities of progress and a better quality of life;
  2. To assist people-empowerment by spearheading the total development of learners into well-rounded, educated persons by a sufficient exposure to, and grounding in the humanities and social sciences;
  3. To provide opportunities for learners to improve their communication skills not only for daily interactions but also for future leadership tasks in national or global affairs;
  4. To deepen awareness and critical understanding of the cultural heritage and history of the Filipinos and peoples of other countries, as well as the current realities in national and global scenarios;
  5. To provide opportunities for learners to deal with issues; analyze, synthesize and assess them in order to develop a stronger sense of values and to experience the intricacies of rendering sound judgment; and
  6. To prove as indispensable in the total development of learners, the human paradigms being-ness as personifications of accumulated wisdom and experience, and as concretizations of values desired and sought.


  1. To set in motion the process of changing the cultural environment from a culture of suspicion, hostility and violence to a culture of tolerance, understanding and cooperation.
  2. To perform regularly, seriously and with more or less equal fervor, the triad function of instruction, research and extension by advancing a scheme that allows faculty members the choice (based on interest and competence) to excel in transmitting or generating knowledge-skills-attitudes, or transplanting them by reaching out to sectors other than the University community.
  3. To carry out the contemporary function of institutions of higher learning, i.e. production, which in this college refers to the production, exchange and reproduction of meanings.
  4. To ensure an all-time high faculty morale by a judicious implementation of sound schemes of recruitment and retention, rewards and sanctions, and evaluations for promotions.
  5. To put up a CSSH Faculty Center to serve as ready venue for continuing interchanges of information and updates, techniques and strategies, struggles and triumphs, between or among faculty members living up to the higher standards of a dynamic interdisciplinary college.
  6. To build a CSSH Student Center where students are given opportunities of sharing with another their learning adventures, such as the ordeal of defending their views against critics, skeptics and cynics, or that